Samsung Galaxy Tab shown off in official video teaser


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While Apple’s iPad may be dominating the tablet market thus far, Samsung has their own answer in the works - the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Today, their advertising campaign began to pick up steam by means of a new 19-second promotional video, and as Engadget points out, several new features are listed, many of which are noticeably absent from Apple’s own offering.

According to the video, the Tab will feature Android 2.2 as its operating system, along with video calling and “full web browsing,” including Adobe Flash support. The device itself makes use of a 7” inch screen, as well as what appear to be capacitive buttons.

Other notable features include HD video playback, E-reader functionality, a Swype keyboard, and a rear camera (with what appears to be an LED flash).

The device will be going up against the current market leader, the Apple iPad, which notably lacks flash support and a camera, neither front-facing nor on the back. While many other manufacturers are working on their own tablets running on Windows, Android, and Chrome OS, it could be argued that the Galaxy Tab has garnered the most attention thus far.

Samsung will formally announce the device on September 2 at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany. For now, the closest thing we've got is the official video, available on Samsung's new Galaxy Tab site.