Salaam I'm new around here


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Salaam (peace), I am a Jatt Cheema (Muslim) and I thought I'll signup as I thought there are hardly any Muslims Jatt on here. I am proud to be a Jatt and a Muslim, who has a rich indigenous (Jatt) culture and also a rich Islamic culture and mighty Muslim warriors like Aurangzeb.

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AAA BAiaa AAA Ja Cheemeya. Kimen haiiii ???

Nice to seee ya ova here. And tell me more about u ....u seem to b interesting guy :)

welcome to UNP
welcome aa cheema saab
last week main ik gill muslim jatt noo mil ke hatia
bada kaim banda lagda oh
tell something about you dear


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Hay thanks everyone for the warm welcomes, I really appreciate it. I must admit my Punjabi is not very great, as I was born in England and majority of the time we speak English.

Some of you brothers and sisters wanted to know more about me. I am 23 years old, and until recently I did not even know anything about my culture, until I went to Punjab (Pakistan) it was really strange for me being there as it was my first time and I was asking lots of questions. I wanted to know things like why does some of my family go to grave of saints and pray on them and make intercession. As we are Muslims and that is like committing shirk!

So I asked my grandfather, and he told me about the pir and he had taken me to the tomb (darbar) of the pir and he told me these pir which we come to are directly from the bloodline of the holy prophet Mohamed. I asked about why the whole area looked like a castle, and he told me Sikhs used to live here, and I wanted to know. And he told me this place used to be a Sikh strong hold, and that a war was going and eventually we conquer it and this is the place our pir are buried.

So I asked him about the "war" I was interested to know, and he told me its not worth knowing its old news and we should move on, there is nothing to be proud of. Then I wanted to know more, I kept asking him but he didn't tell me.

So I thought, OK and I started looking up on the Internet and on my Pakistani birth certificate, it said "Jatt Cheema" so I put that into google search and I got an article about my tribe. Then it all started making sense, why some people in Pakistan didn't have as much money as us and everyones name that ended in "Cheema" was wealthy and owned loads of land, and I also learned about the partition then I realized why my granddad said "theres noting to be proud of it" I was actually really sad after reading about it, when I read about how the women were raped and mutilated, it made me really angry and disgusted I mean this is not warrior mentality this is a disgrace. Its a shameful past. But apart form that and the killing of holy men by the Moguls it was pretty interesting history. And I really got attached to it, I said my dad I want to marry a Jatti from Punjab, and actually I want to live there for the rest of my life. And my dad said yeah sure, if I am sure about it so when I am 25 I am going to live permanently there in Punjab I can't wait I loved it there so much.


welcome bai!!!
chalo atlast u have learned somethin about ur culture and want to return to ur roots....
not many people think that way...
njoy postin over here.....
good to have u here
great u were born in uk wud u be able to accommodate urself back in pakistan....i think its really hard dear........gud luck


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quite a revolutionary thinking frm 99.9% of da uk'ers .... made me think again about my generalization of britishers ... :y

hope u find an awesome jatti for yaself ;)

loll apart frm that .... howz uk ?


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Sorry I forgot about this forum, I did get married to a Jatti have a one year old son too. By the way I left Islam I don't believe in any religion, I am an Atheist (Nasthik) I don't belive in God(s). Both my wife and I live in the UK, Punjab Pakistan is a great place but here in the UK we make more money, very hard to make £50k+ from selling and growing cash crops like (ora seeds) also weather/seasons are unpredictable. But me and the mrs are going to go to Punjab in next few months, I have to get my sons birth registered overthere.


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Lol muslim jatt te nastik :an

Bhaji apni id nastik he rakh lo

Welcome to unp enjoy ur stay and punjab jaho te khsu ho jahon:frolic
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