S4 Network problem

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i just bought S4 last week.but there are some problems like call droppings,very slow data and network ni aa reha proper...
pehla mere kol samsung galaxy nexus hunda si,,ohda da network full auunda si te internet di speed vi bahut si..
anyone know wht is problem and solution?


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Jithon lea ohna nu mod k aa. Keh new deo.
Dont go for repair coz its a week old. I dont knw if samsung change it wid new handset. But apple do.
Naal punjabi cha do gallan v kad k ayi


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Did u import it from elsewhere

Check the network frequency before hand

These things happen when you have a service provider say has 850mhz signal broadcasted but handset has operating frequency 900 and so forth
Or simply your hardware problem which is a coil thats sends recieves signal

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if in punjab india vodafone/airtel/idea are suffering from the problem of call droping and network loss. Airtel is most suffered network. I am on aurtel and problem is from last 15 days. But from last week is has become a headache. Using docomo along with airtel. :(
Pela sim customer care naal gall kro is baare te pucho j gall na bni te fir Go and change the handset..mai S4 hi use kr reha..menu te problem ni aayi..jitho leya othe jaake mod aao te kaho replace kro..ya service centre chale jana