RSS & 26/11: Digvijay flags it off again


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Undeterred by the storm of criticism triggered by his comments linking the killing of Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare during the 26/11 terror attacks to the alleged threats Karkare had received from Hindu extremists, Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh today released the book 26/11 RSS Ki Saazish? (26/11, An RSS Conspiracy?) in Mumbai, using the platform to launch a fresh attack on radical Hindu groups for what he called “majority terrorism”.

Singh had released the same book, authored by Aziz Burney, Editor-in-Chief of Urdu Sahara newspaper, in Delhi on December 6. At that launch event, he had said that Karkare had called him two hours before the 26/11 attack in Mumbai to say that his life “was blighted by constant threats” from those opposed to the ATS probe into the 2008 Malegaon blast in which Hindu extremists were accused.

RSS & 26/11: Digvijaya flags it off again, this time in Mumbai


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dikvijay singh lol.. yeah kasab was an indian.. hindu lmaooooo
this dikvijay dna should be done..sure sulla blood will be there...he was the same guy nah who went in Azamgarh (UP) too meet families of SIMI (indian mujhahideen ) terrorist.

He wrote a book ,,,Who will read his book ! and sure heros of his book will be kasab,afzal guru,indian mujhahideen, and ahaaa sajan kumar,jagdish tyler to mahan hogeh lol

P.S -
he had said that Karkare had called him two hours before the 26/11 attack
ohh really b@stard lier

Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil told the Assembly Thursday that the state government had found no record of a telephone conversation between senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh and slain ATS chief Hemant Karkare on the day of the 26/11 terrorist attack.

hahha do anything.. congrass will be clean from this country(like how in guj & bihar).. the divide and rule policy of congress wont work now ;)