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Talk about creating a romantic home and the first things that pop into mind are frills and lace. But a truly romantic home is not about adding pretty flounces and an abundance of floral fabrics, it's more about creating an atmosphere is that is soft without being overly feminine, and comfortable without being pretentious.

While florals do play an important role in creating a romantic home, these are not fabrics that dominate and overpower a room, they are more subdued and faded.
Traditional romantic interiors place more emphasis on the style of furniture and accessories in a setting, like the detailed fretwork on demilune tables above and vintage silver accessories below.

A more modern take on romantic interiors is to add a dash of florals into a setting and combine this with an eclectic mix of modern and rustic elements.
Pastel hues and jewel tones combined with metallic elements are just as important when creating a romantic setting. These colours imbue a feeling of relaxed comfort and, when combined with heavy wooden reproduction or vintage furniture, pastel tones and pale neutrals balance the setting and add a soft touch.

A romantic home interior is not bounded by a particular style - it's more about atmosphere. You can create a romantic setting in a cottage, modern or traditional home since it's all about the elements that you introduce.

Pink is a predominant colour choice for decorating a home with romantic style, and pink is a wonderful colour to combine with grey and black, as shown above. Whereas grey and black on their own would be cold and stark, the introduction of a soft muted pink creates the perfect modern romantic living room.

Crystal or glass chandeliers, whether plain or sophisticated, add a touch of glamour and romance to any room in a home. Crystal glassware, silver accessories and crisp white table settings enhance and set the mood for romantic dining.
A floral arrangement or vase of freshly cut flowers finish off a romantic dining room.

Bedrooms and bathrooms decorated in a romantic style are restful and tranquil. Pale muted colours, an abundance of soft flowing fabrics and a dash of floral accents, with just a hint of glass or metallics will set the stage.
Dress the bed with silk or pure cotton bed linen and thow on plump pillows in faded florals or muted metallics and keep window treatments or a bed canopy simple and elegant.
Furniture can be dark or light hardwood, or modern furniture detailed with brass trim or mirrored finish.