Research-starved varsities get UGC boost


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New Delhi, June 30

The UGC has finally realised it must fund more subject associations and not just the select few if it wants college and university teachers to indulge in some serious research work.

From now on, every registered national subject association can claim a maximum of Rs 17 lakh per year to support research activity and sponsor journals. This cap will be Rs 20 lakh for the Indian Science Congress and the Indian Social Science Congress.

In its new scheme to boost university research, the UGC has said it would help all discipline-based associations at the national level. So far, the help was restricted to umbrella Congresses like the Indian Science Congress.

But now it will extend to all others like the subject associations in sciences and humanities. The new scheme would cover all academic association that have been in existence for five years and are registered. Core grant (for office expenses and secretarial support) for such an association would be capped at Rs 3 lakh a year. The amount would vary depending on membership - associations with members ranging from 200 to 500 would get Rs 2 lakh; those with members between 501 and 1,000 would get Rs 2.5 lakh and those with members above 1,001 would get Rs 3 lakh per annum.

In the component of annual conferences of the association, the UGC will provide the maximum funding to the extent of Rs 7 lakh a year, except for the Indian Science Congress and the Indian Social Science Congress that would receive much higher funding.

For promoting journal publications by members, the academic association will get a maximum of Rs 5 lakh a year