Reliance Jio to soon extend preview offer to everyone


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Reliance Jio may soon extend its preview offer to all 4G smartphones from different handset companies. The 4G telco has begun sending out SMS to Reliance One members to collect free 4G SIMs bundled with unlimited preview offer from Reliance Digital stores.

A number of Reliance Digital Store managers in Kolkata informed TT that they have now been asked to offer Jio 4G SIM cards to customers with a 4G smartphone of any brand. These store managers however said that they haven’t got the billing code as of yet, but may get it in coming few hours. The offer code is required for activation and billing code for billing. The point of sale (PoS) Digital app requires billing code before any activation.

A TT commentator Dxy also managed to grab a screenshot carrying updated information related to preview offer, which will be rolled out to everyone. For a change, store executives would not ask for any code from interested users. Customers would be able to avail the SIM card by furnishing identity and address documents, along with PAN card number and a passport size photograph.


These new SIM cards given under Jio Preview Offer would carry Unlimited 4G data, unlimited voice and video calls, SMS and access to premium Jio apps.

A query sent to Jio didn’t elicit any response. Similar to SIM cards given to Samsung handsets, it is expected that SIM cards provided to new users would be unlocked.

The development follows the recent move to extend this 90-day preview offer to all Samsung and LG branded 4G smartphones. Jio, which launched test services for employees in December last year, opened up its network to general public through bundled Lyf devices in May this year.


Jio’s subscriber base has already crosses beyond 1.5 million users, which includes customers of its Lyf smartphones, employees and business partners including retailers. The move to extend the preview offer to all 4G smartphones will now quickly expand the telco’s subscriber base ahead of the commercial launch, which is now expected around December this year.

Earlier, a number of reports said that Jio was ready to announce commercial launch on August 15, but it had to scrap the plan because of various network issues, including the ongoing interconnect issue with top telecom operators.

Source : TT