Ranbir Kapoor will bounce back: Katrina Kaif


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Though some of his films have flopped, but there is no denying the fact that Ranbir Kapoor is still among the A-listers in Bollywood. His *girlfriend and co-actor in Anurag Basu's Jagga Jasoos says that Kapoor is “dedicated, passionate and focused” and he is sure to bounce back. “His movies not doing well is a sad thing. But he gives his heart and soul to his films. I know it pains him deeply that he is not able to live up to the *expectations and satisfy his audience,” Katrina says. “He loves his audience ... he wants people to love his films... he wants that *acceptance from *the *audience. So all this is *hurtful to him,” she adds.

Ranbir’s last few films — Besharam, Roy and Bombay Velvet failed to grab eyeballs. But Katrina, 32, is certain that it is just a bad phase. “As an actor, I haven’t seen anyone more *passionate and focused about his work. It is just a matter of time. Every actor goes through ups and downs. I am sure with his passion, dedication and God’s blessing, things will change,” she says.

Anurag Basu, the director of Jagga Jasoos, has a plan in place to promote his film. He is planning to come up with a TV show based on the characters of his film. This show will take a look at the younger selves of Ranbir and Katrina in Jagga Jasoos.

On the other hand, Katrina Kaif is now looking forward to Nitya Mehra’s film with Sidharth Malhotra, for which she has started shooting. The film is a love story and takes place over a period of time.

“Nitya’s film is an *amazing love story. It is an idea that shocked me when I first heard it. I have not seen or heard of a film like this since long,” she says, adding, “Most love stories are similar in nature, but this one is new and *exciting. There is lot of *performance in it."