Ramdev joins politics, claims to 'cleanse' system


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Ramdev joins politics, claims to 'cleanse' system

New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev marked his entry into politics on Tuesday in New Delhi by launching his own political party, which he claimed would cleanse the political system.

"Next Lok Sabha elections will have candidates from Bharat Swabhimaan contesting elections in all 545 Lok Sabha seats," said Baba Ramdev in New Delhi.

Ramdev said he planned to enroll 7 to 10 lakh members in every parliamentary constituency of the country. The members would act as a corrective force and decide who was elected to Parliament from that particular constituency.

However, the yoga guru said that he would not contest elections or accept any political post.

He also added that India would become a superpower soon if black money stashed away by Indians in foreign bank accounts was brought back.

"Around Rs 300 lakh crore of black money should be brought back and invested in developmental activities. As soon as the black money stashed away comes back, India will become the second most powerful economy. We have to get the money back by 2020," said Ramdev.

He also slammed Mayawati for accepting the multi-crore garland during a Bahujan Samaj party rally in Lucknow on Tuesday.

People like Mayawati are always worried. The country’s wealth should be used for betterment of Dalits and poor, and should not to be used as garlands to decorate the neck,” he said.

He asked the government to crack down on people who claim to be religious gurus but have been found to be involved in illegal and immoral activities.

"What is the meaning of ichchadhari? It is evident some of them are corrupt and are conning people. These days there are many people who are conning people in the name of faith. They must be punished. The government must bring in more stringent laws to punish such people," he added.