Ramdev aide calls crackdown 'state terrorism'

Jaswinder Singh Baidwan

Akhran da mureed
Staff member
New Delhi: A confidant of yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Sunday called the police crackdown on his campaign against corruption "state terrorism".

"This is state terrorism. This is the terrorism of the corrupt," Vedprakash Vaidik told an Indian news channel.

Vaidik, who has known Ramdev since he was a young boy, said he had been fearing such a government response.

"This is a barbaric action by a government ironically headed by a gentleman," he said.

"No single word was uttered by Ramdev during the protest that could be called anti-government. We cannot make out why the police acted in this manner."

Vaidik said Baba Ramdev had been confident as late as Saturday evening that the government was willing to accept most of his major demands. But he said he had told the yoga guru to be cautious and ready for arrest.

"I know this government," he said

Vaidik spoke soon after Ramlila Ground was cleared of protesters as hundreds of police swooped the sprawling protest venue just after midnight Saturday and forcibly removed the yoga guru to ending a high-profile hunger strike against corruption he launched less than 24 hours earlier.