Racism in cricket

Do you also feel Icc is racist?

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Its just sad to see how different ICC's attitude is towards Asian players as compared to the rest of the world, last match...

> Lara snatched the ball out of the umpires hand and was looked in command as he showed dhoni the way out, i am pretty pissed off with dhoni's and dravid's attitude too...or should i say a LACK of it, Dhoni shouldnt have left the damn pitch and dravid should have backed him up when they have probably the most aggressive coach to support them too...they started it, we were not breaking any rules by staying on pitch...

> worst? Lara was'nt fined but yea they did fine sehwag for over appealing?
what a crock of bullshit

Other incididents...

well lets say victims rather...

Murli, Shoib our own harbhajan called on and on for doubtful bowling action?
even after they were passed by the same ICC officials, if they cant rely on their own officials i wonder what will satisfy them....everything against asian players, i have never ever seen any player from any other country in news that much as asian players...