Punjab teachers union condemns khalsa university move


Staff member
Chandigarh April 12:

The Punjab and Chandigarh College Teachers Union (PCCTU) here condemned the Khalsa College Education Society's proposal to set up a private university in place of the 120-year-old Khalsa College in Amritsar.

PCCTU members said replacing the college with a private university is an attempt to tamper with history and heritage of this institution of Punjab that is located in a heritage building. "This college is the pride of the Punjabis and the Sikhs. The proposal betrays the wishes, thinking and expectations of all those who were involved in the movement of setting up of the college in 19th century and who donated liberally for its setting up, Jagwant Singh, PCCTU president, told reporters here Monday.

He added that "the move has been made in a clandestine manner and lacks transparency". Singh said: "The managing committee has its ulterior motives behind this move. They have not shared anything with the stakeholders, teachers, alumni and families of the donors. They have done everything in a secret and deceitful manner." Singh accused principal Diljit Singh, president Satyajit Singh Majithia and secretary R.M. Singh Chinna of acting in a fraudulent and dictatorial manner and demanded their immediate resignation on moral grounds.

"Their only motive is to grab the 200 acres of land of the college by any means. One of the clauses of Khalsa Private University Bill gives the proposed university power to purchase, acquire, take on lease, mortgage, sell, alienate and transfer any movable property belonging to the university," charged Singh.