Project Kahn Audi Q7 - 2011


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(from Project Kahn Press Release)
The new Project Kahn Audi Q7 Project

Project Kahn announce the launch of their first ever Audi Q7 project

Following on from the hugely successful Project Kahn Range Rover Sport RS600 and the Project Kahn RS300 powered by Cosworth, it was an inevitable progression that the prestige automotive design house, Project Kahn would eventually place their signature stamp on the Audi Q7.

Taking inspiration from the Project Kahn Range Rover Sport RS600, the Q7 has received an extensive makeover from the king of aesthetic conversions Afzal Kahn.

The Audi Q7 modifications include features which are unrivalled in today’s market, including to the exterior; Pearl Soft White Paint, 22” KAHN RS-X Wheels, KAHN Wide Arched Body Kit including Vented Front Wings, KAHN Quilted Leather Interior (7 Seats), KAHN Red and Cream Dials, KAHN Aluminum Foot Pedals, KAHN Welcome Lights and Panoramic Glass Roof.

Climb aboard the Q7 and you’ll find modifications including black quilted leather interior with contrasting red stitching and Kahn red and white speedometer and rev counter.

As with all Project Kahn cars, the Q7 accessories are available as standalone pieces. Afzal Kahn; the CEO of Project Kahn comments: “Customising your existing car, is a great alternative, cost effective way for owners to upgrade”.

The complete Q7 is priced at a very reasonable £56,875 which includes £12,000 worth of Project Kahn accessories.

Project Kahn will shortly be announcing another addition to their stable, news of which we will bring you shortly.

For full history and mileage and all Project Kahn accessory enquiries, call one of their qualified sales representatives on 01274 749 999.

Note to the editor: A Kahn Design was founded by Afzal Kahn in 1998. Kahn Design personalise quality vehicles without compromising on style. Each body panel and interior stitch the company makes is carefully crafted and performed with the Kahn theme - design being paramount.