Pregnant victim's cousin behind Thane honour killing

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Days after a man and his nine-month pregnant wife were found murdered in their rented house in Dyghar near Shil Phata, the Thane police cracked the honour killing case with the arrest of the woman's cousin brother from Uttar Pradesh.
The alleged killer, identified as 27-year-old Shafique Mansuri, has told the police that his sister had brought their family a bad name by marrying a Hindu. He said he was on the lookout for the couple for the past one year and recently learnt about their address.
A team from Thane crime branch picked up Mansuri from his house at Hardoi in UP on Sunday. He was brought to the city on Monday.
The crime came to light after neighbours of Vijay Yadav and Priya Yadav, who was Sufiya Mansuri before marriage, complained of a foul smell emanating from their house.

Mansuri told the police that he and Vijay were friends and the latter would visit his home quite often. When he learnt that Vijay was having an affair with his sister, his family opposed the relationship. But they eloped.
Once in Dyghar, Sufiya converted to Hinduism before getting married to Vijay. Meanwhile, Mansuri got a hint that they could be in Mumbai. Three months ago, he came to the city and began working as a labourer at Vikhroli.
'We've accepted the marriage'
Mansuri has told the police that he recently traced the couple. He began talking to Vijay saying their family had accepted the marriage. He even met the couple a month ago.
The alleged killer called his sister last week telling her that he wanted to spend a day with her and Vijay. Mansuri purchased a knife before heading for Dyghar.
When he reached Dyghar, Vijay was away at work. He told his sister to call up Vijay and tell him that he wanted to celebrate as the baby would arrive soon. On Vijay's return, Mansuri brought drinks and food. After a small celebration, they all retired for the night.
In the middle of night, Mansuri got up and slashed Vijay's throat. Hearing his screams, Priya woke up. But Mansuri stabbed her in the stomach. As she fell to the floor, he slashed her throat too. He changed his clothes and locked the house from outside.
Mansuri went to Mumbra station from where he boarded a train. As the train crossed the Thane creek, he threw his blood-stained clothes into it. He boarded a train to UP from Thane.

Neighbour gave the lead
Based on marriage documents of the couple, the cops were clear that it was a case of honour killing, but did not have any evidence against anyone. It was the couple's neighbour who helped them crack the case. The woman, who is now a witness, had met Mansuri at his sister's house when she went there to get a screwdriver. It was Priya who had introduced her to Mansuri.
DCP Parag Manere of Thane crime branch said, "As of now, only Mansuri has been arrested and the investigations are on. We are probing if any other person was involved in the crime."