Power costlier in Haryana from Aug 1


MaaPeya Da LaaDLa
CHANDIGARH: While people of Haryana are still sweating in the hot and humid summer and troubled by the unending power cuts, the Haryana Electricity RegulatoryCommission (HERC) on Wednesday passed an order to recover approximately Rs 400 crore from all type of consumers, except agricultural consumers, in the form of fuel surcharge (FSA). Chairman of the HERC Bhasker Chatterjee and members TS Tewtia and TR Dhaka passed the order to recover 8 paise per unit per month for 36 months, starting August 1.

The power companies had claimed a Rs 558.48-crore fuel surcharge arrear (FSA) for the fiscal 2007-08 on the pretext of buying electricity.

The Haryana government in a communication had agreed to bear the agriculture FSA totalling Rs 161.91 crore. The HERC in its order observed, “The commission is of the view that passing of the entire FSA over a short period of time would create tariff shock for power consumers of the state.”

Moreover, the FSA is a continous process and keeping in view the power deficit scenario, more such demand being raised by power utilities for purchase of expensive short-term electricity from open market could not be ruled out. Now, domestic consumers will bear additional cost of 5 paise per unit up to 40 units, 7 paise from 41 to 300 units and 8 paise above 301. Remaining all types of consumers will have to pay 8 paise per unit.