Pledge in to Create a new Guinness World Record with Mozilla Firefox.

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Join Mozilla Firefox in their mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!

Have you attempted to set a World Record with no luck? Well, now is your chance to change that! Help set a Guinness World Record by pledging to download Firefox 3 today. And, help spread the word!



karti pledge...I am already using firefox 3. But I will download it on other computers I have on download day. BTW I love firefox 3. Unless microsoft makes something super nice in IE8 that is coming out in August this year, imo it will lose a major market share this year.

Da Tiwana

Inspector Sa'ab ;)
but am already usin firefox 3
n m lovin it, its really cool...............
pledged nyways n will download the installer once again.


firefox has got to be the best browser. it loads fast, has a user-friendly interface and on top of all has great add-ons that you could never get with Internet Explorer. On my system, Internet Explorer 7 takes at least 20 seconds to start while Firefox comes up in like 5 seconds. One of the add-ons that I like the most is DownloadHelper. It lets u download any type of streaming video and audio off of many sites. Firefox is GREATTT. :yahoo 8,002,530 people love fireox too which is why they helped Mozilla set a world record. hahahahahh the last 3 numbers are 530 which is Chhota Punjab's (Yuba City, CA) are code