Patterns to drape Indian Designer Sarees


Sarees are the trademarked outfit of Indian women. They are traditional outfits that are the mark of our heritage and culture. Most women in India wear sarees and every state and region has its own unique style of draping sarees. With time the method and way of wearing sarees has definitely changed, heavy silks have been replaced with trendy designer wear and traditional designs have given way to funky embellishments. As a result the demand for high end designer sarees has increased quite significantly.

Until a few years ago, women wore woven sarees with full sleeved blouses and very little designs. Whatever design was there used to be very simple. But nowadays blouses have become trendier. Backless blouses, halter necks, noodle straps and sleeveless styles are gaining popularity. Fashion designers are also working hard to introduce new ranges of bridal sarees in the Indian market.

Wearing designer sarees can be categorized as an art form. If the saree is not worn properly the entire show of the saree can be lost. It is therefore necessary to drape the saree in the correct manner. To wear a saree properly you need two important items to go along with it:

The petticoat: a waist-to-floor garment, tied tightly at the waist by a drawstring. The petticoat color should match the base sari color as closely as possible. No part of the petticoat, of course, is visible outside the Sari, after having worn it.

The blouse: The blouse is a tight-fitting top and whose color needs to be chosen keeping the look of the sari in mind. It can be short sleeved or sleeveless, with a variety of necklines. The blouse ends just below the bust.:yes