Passenger fumes at ‘Buri Nazar wale’ on cup of Rajma Chawal served on flight

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A tag-line on a cup of ‘Rajma Chawal’ served on board an Indigo flight--perhaps meant to bring smiles to consumer’s faces--has left a Gurgaon-based passenger fuming and mulling legal action against the airline.
The passenger, Vinod Kumar, a businessman, said he felt humiliated when he saw the tagline ‘Buri Nazar Wale Rajma Chawal Khale’ (Hey you evil-eyed, eat Rajma Rice) while travelling in Pune-New Delhi flight (6E-402) on September 1.
The quirky phrase has its roots in ‘buri nazar wale tera munh kala (hey evil-eyed person, your face will be blackened), which the Chennai-based food packet manufacturer Triguni Eze Eats has tweaked. The ubiquitous phase is often found painted on many Indian trucks.
But the humour was not taken well by Kumar.
“How can they call someone evil-eyed? This is humiliating,” said Kumar, who lives in Gurgaon’s Om Nagar area.
On board the flight, Kumar chose his ‘favourite’ Rajma Chawal’. After having the meal, he removed the tissue covering the cup and found what he called the ‘offensive’ tagline.
Travelling with his sister-in-law, Kumar raised the issue with the airline staff but they “feigned” ignorance, he claimed.
He wanted to lodge a complaint on board the flight. “One of the airhostesses told me to lodge a complaint on a particular number which I did only after the flight landed at IGI airport,” he said.
Two days later, Kumar got a call from the airlines apologising for the inconvenience. But Kumar remained adamant.
“I will file a case against the airline and the Chennai-based food company Triguni Eze Eats which supplies the food box in flights. I want them to explain how they can keep this product with offensive tagline on board,” he said.
The airline serves many products with catchy phrases such as ‘Nut Case’ for a box of cashew nuts, ‘Corny Chips’ for a box of chips and ‘Stick Man’ for potato sticks.
When contacted an Indigo spokesperson said that the tagline was meant for fun.
“It’s a known joke which is actually addressed to the person sitting next to the consumer. It is not meant to hurt anyone,” said the spokesperson.


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