Ovi Show! v2.0 Widget S60v5

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Ovi Show! v2.0 Widget S60v5

Discover New Content On The Ovi Store Directly From The Home Screen

Ovi Show! is a widget that allows you to discover new content on the Ovi Store directly from the home screen of your Symbian device!
How to use it? Just add it to your home screen and, when you see some cool content, click on it and you’ll be redirected to its Ovi Store download page. Simple!
Ovi Show! is configurable through a settings menu, that you find opening the widget from its icon, in your phone’s menu. You can choose which content categories to filter, and how to sort the content retrieved from the store, choosing from “Top Free”, “Best Seller” and “New”.
Once you have chosen the desired settings, don’t forget to click on “Save”, or your preferences will not be applied.

Change Log :

• Fixed the 3 star rating bug: now the correct rating will be shown for all items
• Broken content removed: items with missing pieces (e.g.: title, thumbnail) now will not be visible anymore
• Optimized data loading: new data is now loaded only when necessary, to optimize network traffic
• javascript code reduced, to diminish start-up time
• Other small fixes

Download Link :

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