Operation to Hunt Terror Suspect in France Village, All Access Cut Off

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Paris: A huge operation is under way in France to hunt for a suspect with links to a man who claimed responsibility for the Paris terror attacks.

There is massive deployment of police around Artigat in South West France near the Spanish border.

Witnesses say 40 police vehicles, including armoured ones, are now stationed in a small village to which all access has been blocked.

Two helicopters have also been seen flying over the area.

On Monday night, police sources said an object, "most certainly" an explosive belt, was found in a garbage bin near the area in the south suburb of Paris (Montrouge) where Salah Abdeslam, one of the prime suspect, still on the run, was located by phone tracking.

The police are looking for Olivier Corel, also known as "White Emir", who could have links to Fabrice Clain - the man who is believed to have claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris on November 13. His voice was formally identified by investigators.

130 people were killed in the coordinated multiple terror attacks in France last week.