Obama's victory shows bush's unpopularit


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New Delhi November 5:
The CPI(M) on Wednesday described Barack Obama's victory as a "significant event" in the US history and said it reflected how "deeply unpopular" the George Bush regime was.
"These elections have also shown how deeply unpopular George Bush is after eight years of his presidency," party General Secretary Prakash Karat said, while making a snide remark at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
"I wonder where it will leave our Prime Minister because he has expressed his profound love for George Bush," he said. He was apparently referring to Singh's recent comments that the people of India had "profound love" for President Bush. He said the people of America were "very clear as far as Bush is concerned after eight years of his legacy."
"The election of the first Black president is a significant event in the history of the United States of America. I think the hopes and expectations of the people of America are very high. "But what the Obama Presidency will do, what policy directions it will take, we will have to wait, watch and see. Changes have been promised but we will have to see what kind of change," Karat said.