Now you can download Valve SteamOS Beta


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Now you can download Valve SteamOS Beta

Valve which is the developer of the popular gaming platform “Steam” has recently released the first public beta version of its highly anticipated “SteamOS” which is also known as “alchemist”. For those who are unaware, “SteamOS” is a Linux-based Operating System, based on Debian 7 code. The Developer team has well optimized Debian 7 code to improve the Living Room Experience. SteamOS comes pre-installed in Gnome Desktop Environments. You can install SteamOS in 2 different ways: Default and Custom.

SteamOS team recommends users to install it with Default Installation method, which installs a pre-configured image of Steam OS. While the Custom Installation method uses Debian Installer to install it.

Download SteamOS Beta

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