Now run Android KitKat (stable) on your x86 PC


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Google’s Android has turned out to be a prolific piece of software for a wide array of electronics, including smartphones, tablets and more recently, wearables.


This has resulted in a great desire to have a distro of the OS running on PCs among the tech community. However, Android as it was designed, traditionally ran only on ARM-based SoCs, the ones you see on tablets, smartphones etc. On the other hand, a very large percentage of desktop users use chips from either Intel or AMD (among the likes) that use the x86 architecture.

However, Android-x86 is a project that aims to do exactly that, i.e., run the Android OS on an x86 compatible machine, natively. While efforts have been going on since quite a while now, it was only yesterday that the Android-x86 project got a stable release, their first.