No explicit scenes for Aishwarya Rai


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If not Kareena Kapoor, then who else to star in Heroine. The diva like Aishwarya Rai perhaps? who is now a Bachchan bahu and may have reservations about saying yes to the film.

So the producers of the film Heroine seem to be more concerned about the actress’ inhibitions than the movie’s storyline.

Madhur Bhandarkar’s dream project about a screen diva and her turbulent life, Heroine continues to sail into rough waters. The director wanted to have style icon Kareena for the film but as the actress has turned down the project, Aishwarya might step in.

The producers UTV have approached the actress but want Madhur to delete explicit lovemaking scenes from the film which were also the reason for Bebo backing out.

Madhur will be meeting Ash with the script but only after he has made necessary changes to it. Probably UTV fears Ash’s denial and are playing safe, we guess!

It’s rumoured that the movie’s storyline resembles Bebo’s relationship with Saif Ali Khan and his children with his former wife.