next generation become total monsters

An old woman is on the floor with a bag next to her. She asks the passing school girls for any amount of cash, but the girl refuses with a middle finger. Her friends clearly don’t notice the situation, let alone care about it. The helpless woman just looks at her in desperate pain and shock as the little girl just smirks at her.

This picture breaks my heart. The senile woman is on the floor in beautiful, cultural garments, but asks for a mere donation. The girl in modern school clothing gives her a thoughtless and ignorant “fuck you.”

I don’t know where this picture was taken, but it depicts what our future has become: children disrespecting elders like they were vermin killed flat on the road. I’ve seen this here in California. Little kids on their cell phones undermining what their parents have to say, little kids cussing like there’s no tomorrow, little kids worrying about their looks rather than their family. It’s everywhere; culture and respect are both dying. It’s because of the influences that these kids can easily access: media, drugs, adultery. Our world is losing grasp of the future, and we can only watch as the next generation become total monsters.