Next-gen Zune Coming in August?


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Next-gen Zune Coming in August?

Nothing has yet to be confirmed by an official Microsoft employee, but according to Gizmodo, it seems as if they “eavesdropped” on some Zune news.
In the Game Developers’ Conference 2007, according to Gizmodo, there has been some secret discussions going on relating the next generation of Zunes coming with gaming. Lately, with the Zune not really having much of a progress “forward,” there has been great discussion amongst Zune users on how Microsoft may be abandoning the project as they are not achieving the statistics that they were hoping for. But over at ZuneInsider, Cesar’s Zune release manager friend, James, have been quoted to have said, “We see Zune today as simply the baseline – not the endgame.”
With a release manager all of a sudden ananouncing that the Zune won’t be abandoneed and some rumors generating once again from yet another conference (GDC this time!) it makes me wonder what Zune news and surprises we may be facing in the upcoming months. A Zune flash version has been said to be released sometime near next Holidays, but will we see another hard drive or maybe an early flash version of the Zune in the wild?​


Zune HD is the best music player in terms of sound quality and looks. But the whole sandboxing thing of zune software managed to alienate it from getting a custom EQ. this thing is easily best than the ipods, can play flacs. but this arrived at the time when apps blasted away the world, the usage of which i won't be ever able to understand. thanks for dumbing the world down apple.