Naxal struggle is a necessity: Arundhati


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Jalandhar October 18:

Giving a call to intellectuals and people from all walks of life to build a strong resistance movement against state-directed operations such as Green Hunt, pro-Maoist writer Arundhati Roy said here that the struggle launched by the Naxals was a necessity.

Addressing a gathering at Desh Bhagat Yadhgarh Hall, Arundhati said there was a need to build diverse resistance movements in the country. “While the Naxals have been fighting in jungles, others should fight against the onslaught of capitalism in towns and cities”, she said. The Gandhian way of struggle such as “Satyagrah” was nothing but a political theatre, she added.

Arundhati said it was creditable that the poor people in forests were fighting against the world’s richest companies that wanted to take away their lands to mine minerals. She was invited to speak by the Anti-Operation Green Hunt Democratic Front, an organisation formed by progressive intellectuals, writers and social activists in the state.

She said for the past 60 years, the Indian state was fighting against its own people and using military and the police to suppress them. She named Manipur, Nagaland, Punjab, Kashmir and some other places where the Army and the police had been used to suppress armed struggles. “While the Naxals were fighting a protracted war against the capitalism and big corporates, the Indian state was fighting such a war against its own people”, she said.

She said the preamble of the Constitution should be changed. It should be called “ Upper caste Hindu corporate republic”. Speaking on the Babri Masjid verdict, she said it was just a settlement. The Indian democracy had become hollow. She also targeted Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram and said he was the best spokesman of corporate houses.

Himanshu Kumar, an eminent intellectual and spearheading peoples’ movement against Operation Green Hunt, said he had feeling that every part of the country would become Dantewada soon. “ I have visited all parts of the country and witnessed so much frustration among people that it appeared that they were preparing to start struggle”, he said.



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