Nature's beauty


Gullfoss, found in southwest Iceland, is one of the country's best natural wonders. The Golden Falls, as the name means in English, are one of the most popular attractions in the country, and Gullfoss together with two other nearby sites (Pingvellir National Park and the geysers at Haukadalur) make up the Golden Circle. This popular day-tour exposes visitors to the beauty of the wild Icelandic landscape, and the volcanic island is home to geysers, glaciers, incredible wildlife, and also an impressive set of waterfalls.

The Hvita River flows into these Iceland waterfalls. Traveling in a southward direction, the wide river appears to vanish downwards to visitors on approach. The great crevice that forms Gullfoss Iceland can’t be seen on the initial approach. Extending to 105 feet in depth, the Golden Falls are an impressive sight. Once a better view is gained, travelers will see that the formation of the waterfalls resembles a staircase, and the water tumbles in two stages. This makes seeing Gullfoss Iceland all the more dramatic.