My Humble request plz wear Helmets while riding


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On dasheera,thatz monday my whole family decided to go for an outside dinner ...after finishing it , we just went for little long drive.As we was crossing a flyover itz 10:30 pm, we saw a little trafic jam on the flyover..but az reached near,i saw some crowd was surrounded there with policemens.. so it was sure that itz an accident and due to that, all this little jam..As, our car reached near the spot i saw ,a gal lying near the highway<flyover> divider, wearing a jeans and black top..she will be some 20/21 yrs old... I cant see properly as i was sitting on the left seat,so jidha bhi jump marke turn hoke wat i saw was,the gal head was little pressed and cracked and full blood everwhere frm her brain.A maruti wagonr car was parked near the gal,,so i think it may be hitted from back by the car and she has just fallen down and her head got stuck in those wheels or something like that.. imagine kerlo az even feeling odd to type this....damm wat i have seen ,that to on festival time and plus @ night time yup !
Just thinking,wat will happen to her family, when they come to know this news...that their young daughter/sis has been dead, in a fatal accident !

Bykes r always very dangerous, its very rare that some one can get saved ...only if he/she wear a helmet...So flens, itz my humble request to all those who are riding the motor cycles please wear helmet, If pillion riding is necessary,then the pillion passenger must wear a safety helmet. It is better to loose some money than to loose life nah so, Hope u ppls learn a lesson from these incidents.


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Re: My Humble request plz wear Helmets while ridin

aahh this was that accident ....
she was driveing

local newspaper Mid-Day


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Re: My Humble request plz wear Helmets while ridin

dis is so sad :(

well i been through similar kind of acc. ! but kehnde ne jakho rakhe sayiah mar sake na koi


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Re: My Humble request plz wear Helmets while ridin

agree with u yaar... but first precautions should be must....
well "similar kind of acc" wat happen with u ,ki hoya si..something serious?


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Re: My Humble request plz wear Helmets while ridin

so sad..patha ni kato lok nahi helmet pohnde.. :(

i don't know if i'm misunderstood, but is it true that in jalandhar (maybe other districts/states too) girls don't have to wear helmet? or don't get stopped by police for wearing one? if so that's stupid:huh
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