My Angel..



I looked into God’s eyes wondering why he was sending me to the cruel world, unsheltered and unprotected. Putting my worries at ease, He said, “I am sending you to an angel who will teach you how to tell apart right from wrong, who will protect you from vices and who will guide you and will love you dearly.”

When on earth, I opened my eyes to look into the loving and concerned eyes of my angel and find myself secure in her arms. She showered on me love, care and happiness. She did everything in her power and beyond to fulfill every desire of my heart. All these years she has protected me, guided me and above all loved me immensely.

All these years..

When I was low,
She gave me hope.

When I gave up,
She became my strength.

When I lost faith,
She taught me to trust.

When I was crying,
She wiped off my tears.

When I was afraid,
She dispersed my fears.

When I was in danger,
She protected me.

She has truly been my angel,
and I call her, mumma.