Music reviews: Moby, Steve Nicks, Hugh Laurie


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Moby proves that with his ninth studio album, he’s still not running out of ideas. Standout tracks include the bluesy Lie Down in Darkness and the vibrant Sevastopol.

e+ says Moby’s signature emotive sounds make for a great Saturday morning soundtrack.

Stevie Nicks
In Your Dreams

Her first album in 10 years serves up tales of love found and lost in those unmistakable tones. Our fave track? Secret Love – a song left over from 1976, now finally (and deservedly) getting its first airing.

e+ says
Keep both ears out for Italian Summer – a crescendo-driven ballad of loveliness.

Hugh Laurie
Let Them Talk

Dr House gets his blues on with 15 tracks dedicated to his love of the great American musical art form. Tracks such as Police Dog Blues, Swanee River and Six Cold Feet showcase Laurie’s not inconsiderable guitar and vocal talents.

e+ says It’s a delicious listen for when (adopts Muddy Waters voice) ‘Yo baby leaves you.’