Museum Of Islamic Art.


Aman Jatt
It isn’t often that a building stuns – literally. However, this is the case

with the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Traditional Islamic
architecture meets the twenty first century to spectacular effect.

Sabhia al Khemir became the founding director of the museum in 2006.
A globally renowned Tunisian writer she is also expert in Islamic art
and is best known for her work in bridging cultural divides and creating
dialogue between the great civilisations of the world.
Certainly the Museum of Islamic Art (or QIA as it is known) is an incredible
talking point.

The idea that contemporary Islamic culture is inward looking was contradicted
from the word go by the invitation to IM Pei to be the chief architect of the project.
The Chinese born American considered by many to be a master
in his field was gently coaxed out of retirement to design the building.
Most agree he has done a stupendous job. You may know him for, among
many other projects.