Punjab News Murder of NRI Girl - Victim strangled by stepfather: Cops


Prime VIP
Amritsar, June 30

Startling facts have come to light during the police investigation in the brutal murder of Belgium-based NRI teenage girl Amritpal Kaur, who was done to death by her stepfather for allegedly having an affair with a boy of a different caste.

“The victim was strangled to death before hanging her by a ceiling fan by her stepfather, Mehtab Singh, to show the family that she had committed suicide. The police has recovered a leather strap attached with a suitcase that was used for strangulating the girl besides the ceiling fan and other material,” said Police Commissioner Varinder Kumar. He said so far the involvement of the mother had not been established.

Meanwhile, Lakhwinder Singh, boyfriend of the victim, has emailed to the police claiming that he was having an affair with the girl, adding that her stepfather was against their relationship and had even threatened to kill her.

However, Lakhwinder Singh and the deceased were assured that a grand ceremony for their engagement would be held after the latter’s family returned from India, he confided. The girl was to attain 18 years of age in August 2010. Lakhwinder Singh suspected the involvement of the girl’s mother Rajbir Kaur and more persons of the family in the crime. He alleged that circumstantial evidence against Rajbir Kaur was being ignored.

The police could not garner concrete evidence as the body of the victim was cremated hurriedly and the mortal remains were swiftly disposed of to erase any kind of proof.

The police arrested Mehtab Singh for murder and registered a case at the cantonment police station. Amritpal, living in Belgium, belonged to a Jat Sikh family while Lakhwinder Singh belonged to another caste. Mehtab Singh along with his wife, a son, a daughter and stepdaughter arrived in Amritsar on June 26.

A hurriedly organised cremation of the girl aroused suspicion among relatives who informed the police.

Mehtab Singh was the brother of her father, who had died in an accident. The family had married off her mother, Rajbir Kaur, to Mehtab Singh after the death of her father.