Mumbai's Disneyland will cost 10K Crore


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The Disneyland-type park, to be built on 2,000 acres of land, will cost Rs 10,000 crore.

Mumbai has long been craving for a world-class amusement park, like Disney World in the US or Genting Island in Malaysia. But fret no more.

The state government and MMRDA are planning to build a sprawling amusement park and entertainment hub that can accommodate more than 30 Essel Worlds which, at 65 acres, is currently India's largest amusement park.

The proposed Rs 10,000 crore entertainment hub will be built on 2,000 acres of land comprising eight villages between Uttan and Gorai.

The state wants it to be more than just an entertainment theme park comprising not just rides and games but also meditation centres.

Presently, there are several issues and clearances pending before earmarking of land can be made. The Urban Development Department has been asked to formulate a detailed plan.

Ratnakar Gaikwad, metropolitan commissioner, MMRDA said, "It is just in the planning and designing stage, which in itself will take nearly six mon-ths."

After private consultants and architects assist in making the plan, it will be presented to the Coastal Regulatory Zone and the Centre for further clearance.

Hurdles ahead

The villages in question currently fall under the 'no development zone', as there are mangroves around. The MMRDA is also yet to get the estimated number of villagers who might be displaced or relocated for the project.
The funding pattern for such a magnum project too hasn't been decided. However, such big projects are partially funded by the state, government agencies like MMRDA with Centre also chipping in.


Things you might see at the hub

Mini India: You might be able to see a mini Taj Mahal, Charminar, sculptures of Khajuraho and Hampi — all in one place.

Resorts and recreational facilities: It would also have resorts for public to rest and recreation clubs with games.

Research institute on Indian culture: There will be a provision for people to educate themselves and know more about India.
It would also have a library with scriptures and study areas.

Exhibition centre: It would feature renowned Indian paintings and art.

Gardens: Areas close to the mangrove belt could be turned into a garden without affecting these mangroves.


Well i dont think so much land left in mumbai.. now ,only they have to do is to cut down trees / mountains and that they doing..stupid builders.. Btw Thank god they not cutting down the Mangroves..or else flood like and other prob hojatah :nerd .. az by cutting down the Mangrove forests along the coast it will destroy the city's first line of defence against surging tidal waves.
well i think its no need for this... y to spend so much of money on this... whatzever lets see...