Mother in law

♪ LaLLi ♪

Mother vs Mother-In-Law(MIL):

Mothers r upset if their call wakes u up
Mils r upset if they find u sleeping,

Mothers ask what u'll have for breakfast
Mils ask what u'll make for breakfast,

Mothers will hide ur faults
Mils will tell them to all,

Mothers will first ask bout u,
Mils will ask bout everything but u.
Mothers r great at doing things 4 u,
Mils r great at delegating things to u,
Mothers will appreciate the little u do
Mils will complain bout the little that's left to do.

Mothers r happy when u
buy something new
Mils will frown at every expense u do.
Phir kehti hain, muje MAA bulao????