Most Expensive Gifts For Billionaires

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Heels by Christopher Michael Shellis
Women love shoes and diamonds. These high heel shoes are both

They say a woman can never have enough shoes. That’s totally true. If you have some spare $218,407, you should buy your lady high heel shoes with diamonds (30 carats). There is no woman on this planet who wouldn't love this beauty.

Dolce & Gabbana’s DG2027B Sunglasses
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses worth a fortune

Do you have extra $383,609 to buy sunglasses? Well, these are not must ordinary sunglasses but the most expensive sunglasses in the world. If it is not going to blow a hole in your wallet or family budget, that will be an incredibly stunning present. Oh, yeah, and this is Dolce & Gabbana.

Fitted Kitchen By Marazzi Design
Get your lady a dream kitchen!

Can you imagine a kitchen for $463,625? Yes, this is just a kitchen and you will still have to cook by yourself there. But it is expensive as hell. In fact, this is the most expensive fitted kitchen in the world. Marazzi Design stand behind it. Wow, it’s time to cook!

Dancing Fountains
A fortune for dancing fountains

OK, this time this is a $1 million gift. Have you seen Bellagio in the Sin City? Well, you have a chance to get the same fountains from company named WET. Of course, this is going to happen if you have $1 million. There are no doubts, this will be a unique gift.

Roman Abramovich’s Yacht Eclipse
$2 million and Eclipse is yours for 7 days.

If you do not have $485 million to purchase a famous yacht Eclipse (or the famous oligarch will simply not sell it), you may rent it for modest $2 million per week. It is huge and luxurious. Your holidays will be special with Eclipse.

Fantasy Bra from Victoria Secret
his is a $2.5 million bra. Should we tell more?

This is not just a bra. This is a bra decorated with white and yellow gold, as well as precious stones, like diamonds, pearls and aquamarines. This is a 100% handmade product and it took 500 hours to get the job done. Your only worry should be that your lady will always want to have it on, while you may have other intentions.

$3.2 million Dog Collar
Pet paradise! This is the most expensive dog collar in the world!

If you really have the problem of having much money and no ideas how to spend it, buy your 4 legged friend and expensive gift. Please, welcome Amour, Amour dog collar. It is sometimes called a Bugatti of dog collars. You won’t find another dog with a similar collar having 1,600 diamonds and set in white gold. You do love your dog, don’t you?

Virgin Oceanic
Jacques Cousteau could only dream about such a vehicle. You can get it for $10 million

If you are rich and crazy, you may well spend $10 million for Virgin Oceanic which is an underwater vehicle. Virgin Oceanic isn’t finished yet, but you can make investments now to enjoy an underwater ride in a few years.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection
Expensive, unique and stunning. This is all Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection is.

It is time to get to pricey presents. Do you have $30 million to purchase Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection? Why is it so expensive? It is because it has the most stunning pieces of jewelry you can ever find! Yes, it has been put on auction, so you actually have a chance.[/I

Project Utopia
Don’t know how to spend your money? Get yourself an artificial island.

A floating island for $155.98 million? Why not? Project Utopia looks like an alien spacecraft inspired by Bond movies. It can survive in high seas and has a dock for smaller vessels. It stands 65 meters above the sea.