Mohali develops as a hub of Eelectronics and IT


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Chandigarh August 4:

Punjab Information and Communication Technology Corporation (Punjab Infotech) has been developing Mohali as a hub of Electronics and Information Technology in the State.

Disclosing this here today Mr. Manoranjan Kalia , Industry and Commerce, Local Government Minister Punjab said that Punjab Infotech was also committed information technology to grass roots level in the State. More than 181 Franchise of Cal-C (Centre of Advance learning in Computer) were already providing education in the field of computer software and hardware all over Punjab, to fulfill the growing need of trained man power of Information Technology Enterprises solutions (ITES) in Industry Sector.

Mr. Kalia futher said that Punjab Infotech had also initiated establishment of Business process out sourcing (BPO) Training Center in Punjab. He said that there had been tremendous growth in soft ware export from Punjab region recording and increase Rs.500.38 crore in 2006-07 to Rs. 666.44 crore in 2007-08 total 257 software export units have been registered under (STPI) software training park India scheme in Mohali on till date. He said that Govt. of India had sanctioned another STPI center which was proposed to be set up at Patiala.

Mr. Kalia said that Punjab had realized that BPO and ITES industry are the potential sectors most suitable for the State and it was great potential of substantially increase its share of contribution in the total BPO revenue. Punjab's BPO industry has contributed significantly with over 10000 professionals working in this scheme in the State and quite a large number of professionals from this region are working in BPO companies located in Gurgaon , Banglor and other ITES center.

Industry Minister said that state had one of the highest densities of optic fiber landline and white goods and more and more communications companies are investing in the State, expending and improving the reach of service to the common man. During the year 2008-09 and 2009-10 Punjab Infotech target the new ICT Industries for investment in Punjab in general and following in the particular Infosys cognizant technology , WIPRO, TCS, more IT and BPO unit under STPI scheme at Mohali.