Mini Keyboard turns the Dell Streak into a mini Netbook


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Logitech mini-keyboard turns the Dell Streak into a mini-netbook

The Dell Streak is a 5 inch Android tablet without a physical keyboard. But if you really want a keyboard for it, the folks at StreakSmart have a good idea. Logitech has been selling a 5 inch wireless keyboard called the DiNovo Mini for the past few years. It’s designed as a Bluetooth keyboard for controlling a media center PC or other computer. And it almost looks like it was made for the Dell Streak.

Because the Streak tablet supports Bluetooth, ou don’t need to run any wires between the keyboard and tablet. And while there’s no mouse cursor in the Streak’s Android interface, you can use the keyboard’s built-in touchpad to scroll through web pages and menus quite nicely.

Clearly, the Logitech keyboard is a bit small for touch-typing, but as a thumb keyboard it looks pretty good.

You can check out a hands-on video after the break. The Logitech diNovo Mini sells for a bit over $100, but you can pick up a refurbished unit from for $94.87 including shipping. Or you can grab one for $89.99 including shipping from eBay.

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