Marc Anthony probes Jennifer Lopez's infidelity


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Anthony's attorneys are trying to find out the truth in the allegations that Lopez spent time with Noa while married to Anthony, reports

"Marc Anthony's lawyers are following up with allegations that Lopez was seeing Ojani while married to Anthony, before and after the twins were born. Jennifer allegedly would go to Ojani's Hancock Park house and spend time with him, without Marc's knowledge," said an insider.

"Noa would be asked to provide financial information and records related to Lopez because Anthony believes Lopez has money in offshore accounts. Ojani has extensive records still relating to his time with Jennifer. It seems that Marc is going after her money and it's looking like this could be a divorce battle royale," the insider added.

Despite the claims, Noa reportedly lives in a poor condition. "Ojani is basically homeless now and completely broke and unable to find work," the source said.

Lopez is now dating dancer Casper Smart.