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A Woodcutter Loses his Axe (Kulhaadi) nd Lord Offers him Both Gold & Silver bt He takes his Own Axe & Seeing his Honesty Lord gives him All 3.
One day he goes Again 2 Forest with his Wife. Bt his Wife Falls into d River, he Cries n Pleads 2 d Lord 2 give him his Wife.
Lord brings Out Angelina Jolie & Asked'Is this ur Wife?
He Replied - Yes.!
Lord said 'U Lied n u r gona b Punished'
He Said 'wait Lord I Lied bcoz if I had Said No, u Would have taken out Cameron Diaz. If Then I said no, u Would have taken Out My Wife n Seeing my Honesty, U Wud hve Given me All 3. Bt I m a Poor Man, I Can't keep All 3. So I said Yes to Angelina.
God: rulayega kya pagle...
ja le ja isse...