Laughter Snacks 23


The He4rt H4ck3r
Which is the most confusing day in America?
80% don’t know whom to wish.
And rest 20% r scared someone will cum & wish them..:an


Gf – “I cheated.”
Bf – “So what do u think I love u?
I was also cheating u for past 2 yrs.”

Girl cried & said “I was talking about exams.”

Boy: oOops:gig


There is always a sign board
“DRIVE SLOWLY” near a schøøl.

But Never near the girls colege..
Ans: Bcoz here vehicles automatically get slow:b


No Matter Whether Boys are driving Ferrari, BMW, Accord, OR Corolla. They are not able to Overtake a . .


Boy & girl playing Ludo.
BOY: Agar 1,2,3,4 ya 5 aya to I’ll kiss U.
Girl: What? Acha aur agar 6 aya to?
Boy: Kabi Ludo nai kheli kya.6 aya tu dubara bari.:kudi


Boy: agar me mar gaya to kiya tm dosri shadi kerogi?
Girl: nai me apni BEHAN ke saath reh longi
Girl: agar me mar gayi to?
Boy: Me b tumari BEHAN ke sath reh longa :y
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