Kerala government favours equal fees in all schools


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Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government has mooted the concept of equal fees in educational institutions run by all communities, irrespective of whether they were run by majority or minority communities.

It will also take back controversial inspector general of police Tomin Thachankaray into service when his period of suspension ends.

Kerala chief minister Oommen Chandy told reporters yesterday the government supported the concept of equal fees across the school educational spectrum, irrespective of which community ran it.

Same freedom

Chandy said the minority community would continue to enjoy the allotted quotas. "Schools run by minority communities are entitled to charge fees at their discretion, but managements of schools run by the majority community do not have this benefit.

"The fee structure in majority community-run schools continue at levels fixed several years ago. The government is in favour of giving the same freedom to the managements of educational institutions run by the majority community also," he said.