Katrina Kaif was scared to dance in ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’


Prime VIP

As it’s a Farah Khan song

Everyone in the industry who has worked with Farah Khan knows that the lady is a tough taskmaster. Naturally, the pressure was high on Katrina Kaif while shooting Sheila Ki Jawani for Tees Maar Khan. The actress was dead scared.

Kat is not that good a dancer (judging from her earlier dancing numbers), and she had never done a proper smoldering item song till now. So, before doing Sheila Ki Jawani she was frightened that Farah might scold or shout at her for not getting the steps right. In fact, the film’s lead actor Akshay Kumar too has admitted that Farah is ‘bossy’ and many men are scared of her.

Though the choreographer-director was confident about Kat, the actress wasn’t sure whether she will be able to pull off this sizzling number. The song, full on jhatka-matka, required Kat to move her body like Shakira and act like Madhuri Dixit.

As Kat is quoted as saying about dancing to Sheila Ki Jawani, “I was getting cold feet and my hands were shaking.”

Who will believe this; Kat is incredible in the song, isn’t she!