Lyrics Kat DeLuna - Paradise

♚ ƤムƝƘムĴ ♚

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baby, if you take my hand,
i promise we can get away
forget about all your plans,
we can live forever in one day, day
i .. this moment forever if it's with you, you, you

chorus: my heart, i'm here to rescue you!
baby we can get it my heart i'm here to rescue you!
if forever.
so we can escape to paradise just me and you
in my heart we can stay
you're the only thing i need in this world to survive
tell this won't fade away!
baby i see paradise when i look into your eyes!

i surrender to this feeling
i got to. i will not fight this feeling
cause every single night and day
my heart takes me away with you to paradise
where dreams come true!

please don't wake me up
cause i'm dreaming of you
and every time when i'm with
i close my eyes to picture you
so alone, so alone, so alone
i wait for the moment to be lost in your arms