Kareena Kapoor is Daboo In Golmaal 3

Saini Sa'aB


Kareena Kapoor, who is often called by her nick name ‘Bebo’, is going to be called by the name Daboo in the sequel of Golmaal. The sexy star is also excited about her name in Golmaal 3.

Bebo was called Ekta in Golmaal Returns and she was playing the role of a housewife, who is fond of television serials involving gossips. Interestingly, actor Tusshar Kapoor, who is brother of television queen Ekta Kapoor, played the role of her brother in that film.

Now, in third Golmaal movie, Kareena will take up the nick name of her father Randhir Kapoor. Her father’s nick name is Daboo and she insisted to be called up by that name in the film for emotional reasons.

The news was confirmed by Kareena, who was quoted saying that it sounds very funny and yet emotional for her. The actress added that her character’s name is Daboo, who is a total ‘chavanni chaap’. She loves the fun name, which is also perfect for her character.

Kareena said that she is very happy to take this name of her beloved faher and hopes that her movie works well for her. She is expecting that her papa’s name turns lucky for her but she is not sure whether it will happen.