Just Beyond the Canyon


Rampuriya !!
Just beyond this canyon
Will be our journey's end.
Let's hurry now, we're nearly there,
Our destination's just ahead.

We've scaled mountains high;
We've crossed deserts vast,
Overcome many obstacles...
This canyon will be the last.

We faced rivers of powerful force
We thought to never overcome,
Knowing no other way to go
We fought the waves- and won.

When we began this journey
Hope was all we brought
And now that we're almost there
It's still the only thing we've got.

I know you're feeling tired,
All these miles wore you out;
You've come a long, long way,
Yet, you never felt any doubt.

A journey seems the longest
When you are nearly done;
The last step can feel the farthest
Of all the steps you've come.

When you set a goal in life
And climb the mountain to the stars,
Don't give up until the very end
'Cause the last step really isn't so far...