Jail for all adults of a family if alcohol found in house?

Miss Alone

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The Nitish Kumar government in Bihar circulated the Excise Amendment Bill in the assembly on Friday with more stringent measures to enforce the prohibition law, which includes putting behind bars all adult members of a family in case liquor is found at their house.
The proposed Excise Amendment Bill, which intends to provide more teeth to the existing prohibition law, was circulated among members for their comments on the opening day of five-day monsoon session..

The draft has already been cleared by the Nitish Kumar cabinet and the government aims at getting it approved by the assembly in the current monsoon session itself. Opposition BJP has described this provision as "draconian" and plans to hold protests against it. The amendment has incorporated a stringent provision that if liquor or any other intoxicant is found, consumed, manufactured or sold from a house, all the family members above 18 years of age would be liable for punishment, which will include sending them behind bars.
The 44-page draft of Excise Amendment Bill also has strict punishment provision for illegal advertisement in support of liquor or other intoxicant. It said whosoever gives an advertisement in the media, or uses any social platform to advertise liquor or other intoxicants, would face a jail term of five year or Rs 10 lakh penalty or both. It further has a provision of life sentence for those engaging minors or women for sale, hiding, transportation or distribution of alcohol.