It was Earth Day today april 22nd


Done Deal !
Lets all get together and make our earth a happier and a better place to live at:angel

here's some pics dedicated to Earth day April 22nd , 2006 !:so

We may remember the last year as when we accepted global warming as a present, and scary, reality. Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, stars of the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record, drove home the potential correlation between warmer waters and tropical storms. Scientists reported that the Greenland ice sheet is disappearing faster than expected, threatening rapid sea-level rise. And even the Bush administration, famously skeptical of climate change, launched a review to determine whether polar bears should be placed on the endangered-species list because their habitat is melting.

KENYA — The snow and glaciers that crown Mount Kilimanjaro's volcanic crater are also melting, potent evidence of drastic climate changes, 2004.

KENYA — Herds of elephants in search of water are moving into the forests of Kilimanjaro, 2004. Their presence is a threat to the area's fragile ecosystem, which has already been weakened by drastic climate changes.

GREENLAND — Meltwater from Greenland's ice cap has refrozen as winter approaches, but summer has revealed rock hidden under the ice for at least 11,000 years, 2004

GREENLAND — An iceberg stranded in shallow water, 2004. Meltwater filtering through the receding Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland speeds the glacier’s movement over the slippery rocks. Melting ice will raise global sea levels and may cause the ocean currents that warm northwestern Europe and the East Coast of the United States to slow down, or even stop, with potentially devastating impacts.

ILULISSAT, Greenland — A fisherman leaving port passes the remains of a seal, butchered on the ice, 2004. Seals are declining along with the ice pack, making it more difficult for Northern people, as well as polar bears, to find this vital traditional food.

MAJURO, Marshall Islands — Sea-level rise makes the Pacific Ocean a constant threat to this archipelago, 2004. The Pacific swell, driven by the trade winds, is eroding the long coastlines. Here in the capital, the government has piled containers filled with rocks and other heavy junk to defend the shore.

BERLIN — The Reichstag in Berlin has been transformed, from a pockmarked shell into a modern parliament building with views over the reborn capital city, 2004. Electricity-generating photovoltaic panels are incorporated into its glass roof, part of a broader German government policy that helped cut national greenhouse gas emissions by 19.4 percent between 1990 and 2002.

BRANDENBURG, Germany — Germany’s national energy policy has embraced wind and solar power to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This 30-megawatt WKN wind farm at Zitz-Warchau, seen here in 2004, is part of a massive investment that has spawned a new manufacturing industry and is making Germany the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe.


SAN DIEGO — Garbage dumped into engineered landfills produces methane gas that is collected and turned into liquefied natural gas to power these San Diego garbage trucks, 2004. The city has saved millions of dollars through a range of greenhouse-gas-reducing measures

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Eni sari baraf melt ho gai :cry hun ki bano...

India vich sab to pehlan Andaman Nicobar Island dubne hai Global warming kar ke


thnaku Angelo........yaar sachi ghabrahat jihi hundi soch soch ki dunia apne vinaash wall appe challi janta aine puth eisdhe kam kardi...ohda taara taan kite na kita karna hi pau.......


Done Deal !
jatti_sydney said:
thnaku Angelo........yaar sachi ghabrahat jihi hundi soch soch ki dunia apne vinaash wall appe challi janta aine puth eisdhe kam kardi...ohda taara taan kite na kita karna hi pau.......

bhuaa geologists and facts say that after 12 billion (or million i m not sure, still dotn matter much to us) there isnt gonna be any Earth. Pata nahi ki hoan odo nu, challo saanu ta matter nahi karda , sade baal-bacheya nu vi nahi, rabb jaane kehre raje di parja honi odo, par soch ke kambni jehi ta aundi bhi eh dharti hi nahi rehni, balle o rabba tere..............ohde rang vi nayare hi ne..........par ur gall very very sachi, duniya appe apne vinaash vall kaayi jandi hai, mannya kuj galla ch sada koi vas nahi, par jinna ch hai o kehra asi sahi kar lainde aa, sab jaande hoye vi duniya puthe kamma nu pehla hath paundi hai