Is Your Wife Is A Software Engineer....


Husband comes home from work. Software engineer wife is clicking away to glory , surfing the Net...

Husband : "Hi Darling , I am home !"
Wife : "You have now reached the most interesting site. Continue,"

H : "U know, I had a rough day at work today! I need some strong coffee now to get back to my
normal self !"

W : "Script error !, Coffee beans not found !"

H : "What ! Swell !, I will have some coke then (Huh).. ,Whats for dinner?"
W : "Improper cookware found at this site. Contact and download
the latest version now!"

H : "What the hell.. What happened to all that stuff my mom sent ?"
W : "Incompatible with the new oven installed ! Authentication code mismatch !"

H : "Oh Man !, Okay Okay , I will buy new stuff then !, Can I get anything to eat now ?"
W : "Cookies found in the jar on the table. Do u wish to download them ?"

Poor husband grabs some cookies and gulps a quart of coke.
Somewhat rejuvenated, reaches wife and puts his arms around her.

W : "Danger ! You have reached a very sensitive area on the net.You should be over 18 and should
have proper authority to access this site. Identify yourself or else you will be booted out!"

H : "Hey ! Its me ! Your Husband !!!!!"
W : "Permission granted... Continue exploring ... one of the most interesting sites on the JUSuniverse
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