iPhone 5 Clone Available in China

The image below is a clone that was built in China and could be the iPhone 5 when it launches.

Since we’ve seen some pretty accurate clones before, it’s not too crazy to think that these pictures are far off from the real deal.

It’s a little different to what we expected in that it’s a cross between an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 in that it has the metal sides, but instead of being completely flat, the edges are more rounded.

From what we understand, the fake iPhone 5 pictured above and below measures just 7mm in thickness (compared to 9.3mm of the iPhone 4).

Some comments over on Gizmodo suggest that this is a step back in design for Apple although others actually like the design.

The price of cloned iPhone 5 is approx $108 USD (699 Yuan) with a JAVA based OS, MP3 and MP4 playback and WI-Fi and it boasts an internal flash storage capacity of 64GB


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